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An excerpt from ANCHORED

Anchored   Since children girls nights only happen every so often so when they do Aubrey  and her best friends like to pretend that they are twenty one again!   On such a beautiful, early fall night, Aubrey and her best friends Stephanie and Amanda enjoy a loud patio with umbrella drinks overlooking the Potomac.  The girls have clearly been drinking for a couple of hours.  Aubrey is standing by the table that the other girls are sitting at and dances to the background music.   Nothing can stop her from being in a wonderfully fun mood, "I am so glad that school started back up!  I have a great class this year." The girls nod in agreement and Stephanie replies, "I just can't believe my oldest one is in first grade.  I am starting to feel old." Aubrey doesn't like feeling old, "We still got it Steph." Amanda agrees, "Yeah and I am the oldest here so you all don't need to worry. And Aubrey you don't even have children with brad. Aubrey sit

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