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Virtual Book Tour

Welcome to my virtual book tour! I have, and will continue to travel all around the country promoting my children books and doing book signings. I have decided to reach beyond being in only one place at one time because it is impossible!

Right now I am really excited to be discussing and promoting my holiday book, The Night I Walked In A Winter Wonderland. This is the story about a young boy that is having a hard time believing in the Christmas spirit, until he is awaken one night by a snowman and elf having a snowball fight in his front yard. He proceeds to follow them into the forest to find a winter wonderland, with any holiday magic that any child could ever dream of. The story ends with the boy waking up in his bed with wet boots beside the bed.

It is a really sweet story and has been selling out quickly. It has received great reviews on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, etc... If you are looking for a sweet holiday book for a child, this could be a good fit for you! I started writing children books over the past couple of years. I have also done a couple "Dolly" the cutest pup, books, Dolly Visits Mount Vernon and Dolly Visits Rose's Garden. Both have been doing great as well.

I am more then happy to answer any questions or discuss my books further. I am posting a YouTube video of the reading so please keep a look out and enjoy! Please visit my website for more information on the books and me at There you can order books or browse to find out more information!!

You can order on the website or you pay for all products with your major credit card at:


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