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Children Books

Lindsay Ahart's Children Books!!

Lindsay has become a successful and popular children's book author touring the country with her book signings!

Please check out my website at where you can order books! Books are also located on Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. Thanks so much for your support!! Please keep posted for my date and location of my next book signing! Please feel free to contact me at

The Night I Walked In A Winter Wonderland

A children's holiday book about a boy adventuring into a winter wonderland. This book is beautifully illustrated by Laurie Barrows and written by Lindsay. The hardcover book would be a heartwarming holiday gift. $26.00 hard cover

Dolly Visits Mount Vernon

Dolly, the cutest puppy ever visits Mount Vernon to learn about our first president and our nation's history. This is only the first of the Dolly Series. $16.00 soft cover

Lindsay also published Dolly visits Rose's Garden!

Dolly goes to California to visit her best friend Rose. Rose Teaches Dolly all about gardening. She learns about the different tools and how to plant flowers. Dolly learns again and has a lot of fun! $16.00 soft cover

Feel free to visit pinklamb for ordering or you can order straight through the secure site at
click on send money online, enter the amount of the book and Lindsay's email: Please contact Lindsay and let her know your address to send the signed book! Thank you!


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An excerpt from ANCHORED


  Since children girls nights only happen every so often so when they do Aubrey  and her best friends like to pretend that they are twenty one again!   On such a beautiful, early fall night, Aubrey and her best friends Stephanie and Amanda enjoy a loud patio with umbrella drinks overlooking the Potomac.  The girls have clearly been drinking for a couple of hours.  Aubrey is standing by the table that the other girls are sitting at and dances to the background music.   Nothing can stop her from being in a wonderfully fun mood,
"I am so glad that school started back up!  I have a great class this year."
The girls nod in agreement and Stephanie replies,
"I just can't believe my oldest one is in first grade.  I am starting to feel old."
Aubrey doesn't like feeling old,
"We still got it Steph."
Amanda agrees,
"Yeah and I am the oldest here so you all don't need to worry. And Aubrey you don't even have children with brad.
Aubrey sits down …

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Short stories and ebooks published for your Kindle!  Check them all out at:

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